Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT, BCTMB
Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, A.A.S

I’m a bodyworker (licensed massage therapist and licensed physical therapist assistant). I specialize in treating shoulder pain. Clients experiencing pain-related issue(s) in the neck, back and shoulders typically find fast relief from my treatments. I believe in working with the body, to restore it to its optimal functioning condition using deep tissue methods of bodywork.

Manual intervention through massage and bodywork is an incredibly effective way to eliminate physical pain and discomforts, but when we also address our emotional well-being or state-of-mind, we supercharge our bodies natural ability to heal itself.

Exploring our difficult emotions is an added way of down-regulating the body’s nervous system and can contribute vastly to improving our overall health and well-being. Check out the “Difficult Emotions” section for videos to help you explore your own difficult emotions. Our Mission through the Difficult Emotions Special Project is to support you in the navigation and integration of your difficult emotions so that you can live more fully in your joy.

About Us

This small group is intended to provide an opportunity to learn and also practice the skills and principles of loving (developed by Gerald and Elizabeth Judds Christian understanding of the meaning of love). This is a safe place to remove your “mask” and to be your authentic self. Creating an environment that fosters the development of meaningful and loving relationships is our mission.
This group is for you if:
1.) *You have a desire to love and be loved.
2.) You’re open to developing your skills of giving and receiving love.

Join Us! (FREE Peace Gatherings). Hosted by Jen and Jason Musser.

Working with people to help them process through difficult emotions and and empowering them through self-care techniques and education. This gives the client back the control over their own health and wellness and leaves them less dependent on me (or anyone else for that matter) long-term.

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Holding Space

Emotional Triggers

Trauma 1 - What Is Trauma?

Trauma 2 - Why work with Trauma?