Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT, BCTMB
Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, AAS

I’m a bodyworker (licensed massage therapist and licensed physical therapist assistant). I specialize in treating clients experiencing pain-related issue(s) in the neck, back and shoulders 

Manual intervention through massage and bodywork is an incredibly effective way to eliminate physical pain and discomforts, but when we also address our emotional well-being, we supercharge our bodies natural ability to heal itself. In addition to clinical bodywork and massage, I love supporting clients to help them explore their difficult emotions too. 

Exploring our difficult emotions is an added way of down-regulating the body’s nervous system and can contribute vastly to improving our overall health and well-being. Check out the “Difficult Emotions” section. Our Mission through the ‘Difficult Emotions Special Project’ is to support you in the navigation and integration of your difficult emotions so that you can live more fully in your joy.

Jen Musser, LMT

Working with people to help them process through difficult emotions and empowering them through self-care techniques and tools so they can connect more easily with themselves, others and ultimately experience more moments of joy. 

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Emotional Triggers

Trauma 1 - What Is Trauma?

Trauma 2 - Why work with Trauma?